¿Qué hacer en Cartagena?

10 Reasons why Cartagena should be your destination for your next Summer Vacations

Latin America is often seen as an exotic and fun place to visit during vacations. The rich culture, tropical climate, unique food, and warm people make it the perfect spot to travel. And among all the beautiful cities in Latin America, Cartagena has everything to make you have an unforgettable trip. That’s why we want to share the reasons why you should spend your next summer vacations in Cartagena. We will also include some tips and tricks so your experience is even better, like why you should rent an apartment with Unik Cartagena instead of going to a hotel.

Its jaw-dropping architecture and history.

Although Latin America has some great historic cities like Cuzco or Old San Juan, Cartagena is hands down the one that has the best things to offer. Cartagena has the perfect mix of modern and new buildings. It has impressive forts, colorful houses, beautiful balconies, and stunning churches.

Each corner hides a historical event and secrets to uncover, like the story behind doorknockers, which identified the profession of the person that lived in the house depending on the shape it had.

It is full of art.

The “Walled City” is full of museums where you’ll discover the history of the city and the talent of its people. If you go beyond those walls, you’ll find street art is everywhere, ready to tell a story or pose for an incredible photo.

Nature will also open its doors for you.

Beyond the architecture and history of the city, there are several beaches close to Cartagena. A trip of less than an hour will take you to their relaxing waters full of unique fish species. There are plenty of options like the Rosario Islands or Baru Peninsula, and there are countless activities to do there!

Adventures are everywhere.

If you’d like to have a couple of exciting experiences for your summer vacations in Cartagena, there are many options. You can climb the Mud Volcano and cover yourself with the curative properties of its mud. You can go snorkeling or scuba diving, or make a tour on a boat through the little islands. Or dare to be even more adventurous and go to the oceanarium where you will be close to animals like sharks and rays!

It is an affordable destination.

Even if exchange rates are in your favor in most popular Latin American destinations like Buenos Aires, Cartagena is much cheaper when you compare prices. You won’t need a big budget to eat in a fancy restaurant, and if you decide to rent an apartment, groceries are even cheaper!

There are multiple accommodation options.

Cartagena’s hotel industry has nothing to envy to other popular cities like Cancun. The wide variety of hotels will make the decision of choosing really hard.

However, we really encourage you to rent an apartment. It is always the best option, especially if your stay is longer, if you want to save money or if you are traveling in groups. Unik Cartagena has some great apartments with equipped kitchens, closeness to beaches and stunning pent-houses. We even allow pets here!

Going shopping is another great plan.

If you like to go shopping, Cartagena has a wide variety of shops. From modern boutiques in-between historic buildings to expensive jewelers, there’s something for everyone! Local markets and vendors also offer unique handicraft you won’t find anywhere else.

The food is delicious!

Your summer vacations in Cartagena will be full of exquisite food. A wide variety of seafood made with fresh ingredients is offered in most restaurants. You will also have the opportunity to try typical dishes like posta negra, rice and coconut or mashed plantains.

People here are the best.

People in Cartagena are always ready to help you. They will give you the best recommendations and will be even more friendly if you try to speak Spanish! You can see their traditions and culture richness everywhere. A good example is palenqueras, which walk through the streets with their dark skins and colorful dresses selling fruit.

Planning your summer vacations in Cartagena is very simple!

You don’t need to consult a bunch of experts to come here. Although the options are countless, if you carefully plan what you want to visit each day, visiting Cartagena won’t be a problem! Choose accommodation close to the city center and join some friends to make the trip more fun!

Renting an apartment in Unik Cartagena is the perfect option for your summer vacations.
Going to Walled City and to the beaches will only take you a few minutes.
We have great options for big groups and for those who want to save money so don’t forget to check our website!
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